Building a New 5S Program

Building a 5S program from scratch may seem like an enormous hurdle to jump over in the beginning. However, this Lean manufacturing method provides long lasting benefits that will make you think you waited too long to start your own successful 5S program. If you choose to implement 5S in your facility you will be sure to notice an improvement in safety, efficiency, and an increase in profit, along with much more.

Don’t know how to begin? This 5S guide is available for free! By using this comprehensive resource you will be sure to gain enough information to be able to try this method out on your own. This 5S guide will go over the essential pieces of a complete 5S program and how to keep it going far into the future by emphasizing consistency and organization.

The five core components of 5S covered in this informational guide must be completed in increments to create a smooth transition into your new way of life at the workplace. Those components are:

  • Sort: You and your team must eliminate unneeded equipment and tools for a cleaner and more organized space. You will also learn about the 5S red tag system that helps identify objects that need to be removed.
  • Set in Order: Each item should have its own designated place to reside. Make sure to think about ergonomic placement of items for easy reach that also correspond with sequential steps in a process. This stage can be made easier by implementing signage, floor marking, tool foam and several other organizational tools to remind employees where things go.
  • Shine: Here creating a regular cleaning/maintenance schedule to maintain organization is essential. This can only happen after you have organized via the previous two steps.
  • Standardize: Create written procedures of tasks that must be done daily to ensure that 5S is being practiced at all times.
  • Sustain: Keep going with these steps! Self-discipline and creating a new work culture regarding continuous improvement is important here.

Quick tip from us to you, getting over that hurdle of starting a 5S program can be made easier if a plan is clearly laid out for both upper management and employees. Both groups must collaborate together to put 5S into action. With the help of encouragement and participation on both ends a 5S program can suddenly become within easy reach of any facility where the ultimate goal is making everyone’s lives easier.

5S is the basis of continuous improvement that other methods are able to build off of. With that being said, 5S can be implemented in any facility looking to become better organized and efficient with the space and time they have been given.

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