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5S Video Series DVD
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  • This is an overview of 5S with its associated benefits.
  • There are many that believe 5S is just about housekeeping. This is a myth that will soon be busted.
  • The 5s's are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain in that order and starting with sort.
  • To sort, you first have to determine what is needed and not needed in the area. Consider equipment, tools, materials, supplies, and even paperwork.
  • The benefits of sort are:     A: More floor space, which leads to less things to trip over.     B: Less wasted motion increases productivity     C: Sorting may even improve health conditions     
  • Set in order includes determining the best locations for machines and equipment. Here is an example of a department before 5S, and after.
  • Set in order includes determining the best locations for tools. Making tools easy to find and put away and clearly labeled. Tools should be stored at the point of use. If a wrench is needed to adjust this machine, it should be stored as close to the point of use as possible.
  • Creating locations for everything in the area and labeling them is another part of set in order.
  • Some of the benefits of set in order include the elimination of Searching Waste – looking for needed tools is a waste of motion, and less wasted motion means higher productivity and faster set-up times.
  • Shine actually does have to do with housekeeping and that is where the myth comes from. Shine includes cleaning the floors, the surfaces of everything, cleaning the windows will let natural light in, and cleaning machines will make it easy to inspect the machines for leaks or other maintenance problems that need to be addressed.
  • Some of the benefits of shine include:     A: Safer conditions when we keep oil and liquids off the floor.     B: Better equipment reliability when we keep it clean and maintained.     C: And employees are happier when then have a clean work environment to come to each day.      
  • Standardize means everybody doing things the same way when it comes to sort, set in order, and shine. There are many possibilities for standardization, and I will give you just a few examples. When it comes to sorting for example, the same red tag system and procedure should be used. Setting in order can be standardized in the way we mark our floors and the way we locate our tools. Shine can be standardized in the cleaners we use and how we label them, to the way we store them. We can also have a standard approach to problem solving when we encounter problems with sort, set in order or shine.
  • The benefits of standardizing are everything is done the same way by everyone, and everyone understands what to do and how to do it.
  • 5S is as difficult to sustain as keeping up an exercise program. If we do not continue exercising, we go back to the way we were before we started. 5S is as difficult to sustain as eating properly, if we do not continue, we again go back to the way we were. Here is an example of sustaining a healthy body, and not sustaining. Sustained flight…and not sustained flight. If we do not sustain 5S, our company will revert back to the way it was before we started.
  • The benefits of sustain are you get to enjoy all of the benefits of 5S forever:     A: Less Wasted Motion     B: Less Searching Time     C: Less Accidents     D: Lower costs     E: Increased productivity     F: Higher Quality     G: Employee Satisfaction      
  • 5S will help you on your road to Lean. Many of the wastes that need to be eliminated in manufacturing can be eliminated through 5S.
  • Remember, 5S is not easy, but good things never are. The benefits far exceed the hard work required to achieve 5S.


  This video series is great, the attention to detail is outstanding, and the way each of the 5S steps was explained really made it easy to expand our 5S program. I would recommend this to anyone in a lean or 5S program.       -John Frances "Black Belt", FL

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